Universal Clan League
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What is UCL?

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What is UCL? Empty What is UCL?

Post by Xavi Fri Jul 27, 2012 12:55 am

Universal Clan League

The UCL is a MKW clan league tournament open to all clans around the world.
If you’re a competitive clan seeking the best competition around, or a new clan wishing to gain experience working your way up through the ranks, then the UCL is for you!

The league structure:

We're going use the World Clan League structure. The WCL consists of various divisions of different abilities, each division consisting of 6 clans. Each clan in each division plays all other opponents in their division twice (hosting once each) resulting in each clan playing 10 clan wars per season. Once a season has been completed, clans will be promoted or relegated to the divisions above or below them where they will play for the following season. How a clan is promoted or relegated depends on the clan’s overall performance throughout the season which is represented by a point system. The clans with the most points at the end of the season gain promotion to the division above and the clans with the least points are relegated to the division below.

The points system:

The winning clan of each clan war receives 2 points and the losing clan receives 0 points unless they are defeated by a margin of 20 points or less, in which case the defeated clan receives 1 point for a narrow defeat (both clans receive 1 point in the event of a draw).

Should two or more clans be level on points at the end of a season, then the score points the clans have accumulated throughout the season during their clan wars shall divide them.

The promotion/relegation system:

At the end of a season the two clans who finish the highest in their division will be promoted to the division above and the two clans who finish the lowest will be relegated to the division below.

War sizes:
- 5v5

War Duration:
- 3 GP’s

Course Selection:
- Voting for courses is permitted, but no courses are to be repeated over the 3 GP’s.

Disqualification procedure:

If a clan should be disqualified or leave the UCL, then the clan seeded highest in the division below will have the first option to automatically replace the clan in the division above and continue with the disqualified clans points and remaining fixtures. The clan who wishes to replace the disqualified clan in the division above them, will be replaced by the clan seeded highest in the division below and so on.

Should no clan wish to replace the disqualified clan, then the disqualified clans remaining wars are counted as defeats and each of their forthcoming opponents will gain a victory by forfeit. The disqualified team will be placed bottom of that division and will be one of the two relegated teams at the end of the season.

The Division Administrators:

Each division will have a division administrator to assist with the running of the league. It will be the division administrator’s responsibility to verify line-ups, gather/check results, explain rules, investigate disputes, issue warnings/penalty points and oversee the general running of their division.

Special Thanks To:

World Clan League, Yusuke, TipoRosso, Bounty, Arpegio, Yasha, Qaz, Klaw, Brad

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